Admission & Withdrawals


  1. St. Anne's Public School is a co-educational institution and admission is open to all good and earnest students without distinction of caste and creed.
  2. Admission to the school is restricted by certain policies of the management and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct. Hence applicants for admission will  be tested and admitted in the standard they are found fit.
  3. At time of admission the students should be personally introduced to the Principal, by his/her parents/guardian, who will be responsible to the school authorities for his/ her studies, conduct, regularity and discipline.
  4. The Principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a pupil without ascribing any reason for it. He/she also reserve the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct is found not satisfactory or who is not benefiting by his stay and study in this school.
  5. A student can attend the school only after the formalities of admissions are duly completed.
  6. Students from other institutions will be admitted only after an entrance test and they have to produce the Transfer Certificate. The decision of the Principal will be final in matters regarding tests and admission.
  7. The bio-data of the students once recorded in the school register cannot be altered.
  8. Any student desiring to obtain Transfer Certificate shall apply to the principal at least two days in advance. Such notice is to be given by the parent or guardian of the pupil.
  9. T.C. will not be issued till all the dues to the school are fully paid up.